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9 Fall Prevention Devices


Falls are recognized as the leading cause of injury and death for seniors (CDC). Most seniors that fall are at home when it happens. Signs that you or a senior in your life may be at risk of falling are things like difficultly getting in and out of chairs or beds and shuffling feet instead of picking them up to take steps during walking. Areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms may have hidden risk factors related to falls. A rug that isn’t secured to the floor in a living room or hallway, a phone charger cord, shoes laying out, or some spilled water from cleaning dishes are some examples of fall hazards. Falls can be dramatically reduced by a careful sweep through the house to pick up, rearrange or secure possible fall hazards. While tending to these fall hazards may give some peace of mind there are additional steps that can be taken. The nurses at Helping Hand can create a personalized list of products and devices that will provide further safety and fall prevention assurance. Always check with your doctor first to confirm that you have chosen the best to prevent falls.

• Cane or walker: when used properly, adds additional stability while walking
• Bed railing: prevents falling out of bed and adds a hand rail when getting up from bed
• Tub grab bar: improves stability and control while maneuvering slippery bathrooms
• Shower chair: eases the fear of falling and provides a nonslip way to sit while bathing
• Toilet safety railing: adds handles to assist in stability
• Gait belt: allows for an additional person to assist you while standing
• Trapeze device: provides a bar to grab onto while sitting up in bed
• Swivel car seat cushion: turns easily to assist you getting in and out of your automobile
• Socks with a grip: prevent slipping and added comfort without requiring shoes

The products and devices listed above are for anyone who is at risk for a fall. However, people who rely heavily on support while bending, moving or climbing may also benefit from this list. If you or someone you know is at risk of falling, adding some of these products, after doctor approval, may be enough to give everyone peace of mind. Having a discussion with loved ones about these products to find the best fit for your household is the first step. If you find that you are still worried about falls, then having Helping Hand provide a caregiver to assist with mobility may be the next step to decreasing the odds of you or your loved one falling.


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