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Medical Alert Systems: the basics.

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You are 6 times more likely to survive a fall if you are found within the first hour. Being an independent senior is ideal however as we grow older living alone can become risky without the right tools and a good plan in place. Every minute that a person who has fallen and is left unattended increases the danger of an irreversible disability.

The odds of strokes, heart attacks, fainting, falls or other injuries that leave you impaired and in trouble increase with age. Being at home alone when one of these happen is not only a fear of the senior possibly involved but also a constant worry of family, neighbors or any loved one in the senior’s life.

The common idea of the medical alert system is a pendent that is worn as a necklace with a button that alerts the appropriate medical response personal in the event of an emergency. Implementing an alert system with your fall prevention plan adds a sense of constant companionship. The right time to implement this is before your first fall.  If you or your loved one has already had an unfortunate incident this kind of system may bring back a little confidence to your independence.

Medical alert technology has advanced in many ways. While there are many different companies supplying medical alert systems, they all have a few common attributes:

Home Base Station

The home base station of the medical alert system is the central hub. The speaker should allow for a two-way dialogue and have a lighted display. When the system is alerted, it will send a call to an operator who answers the call immediately.  Once the call is placed, a family member and/or medical response team will be dispatched. If you are unable to respond or outside talking distance emergency services will be sent. This system is in place so that you are covered 24/7.

Installation of the home base station should be fairly simple. Most systems plug into a power outlet and connect to a phone cord. With these systems there is the ability to have multi-lingual assistance. You can also request the company to assist you with the installation.


The pendant worn around neck or wrist are less bulky due to technology advances. Regardless of the selected fashioned of how it is worn, the pendant should be waterproof. Many falls and head injuries occur while in the shower. There are different enhancements that can be added to these pendants.

Fall Detection Pendant

These pendants have sensors to automatically detect the fall and alert the home base to call emergency services. Sensors are able to detect the difference between normal activity and a fall. The worry about not being able to push the pendant button to activate the system is removed. This ideal for someone who faints resulting in a fall or falls and hits their head and becomes unconscious.

GPS Pendant

While it is great to have the reassurance of getting help at home, active seniors may find themselves feeling confined to their home. A GPS pendant allows someone to get help anywhere, anytime. The pendant is connected to a cell phone provider and has nationwide coverage. This system allows the active senior to go for walks, the grocery store, and visit friends without the worry of getting in to a situation that they need help and can’t call for help.

Any senior who is at risk for a fall, fainting spell, heart attack or stroke would benefit from the extra confidence that a medical alert system provides. These systems prevent falls from going without detection, they minimize the time that stroke victims are left untreated and they reduce fatality in seniors. The GPS option provides independence and peace of mind.  Helping Hand Nursing Services recommends Connect America’s medical alert system and their products. Call us at 863-616-1888 for more information.


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