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Alzheimer's & Dementia - Memory Care Services

The Nurses and Office Staff at Helping Hand understand the challenges that families and caregivers face when caring for loved ones with Dementia. Helping Hand uses a holistic Person-Centered approach when focusing on Dementia Care. This perspective is the underlying philosophy of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Research has proven that the quality of Dementia Care depends upon the quality of the assessment and care plan. Helping Hand begins care with a Nurse Assessment to learn more about your loved one’s routines, past interests, preferences, activities, and concurrent medical conditions. After completing the assessment, your nurse will develop a personalized care plan that follows evidence-based Dementia Care guidelines.

Helping Hand uses compassionate caregivers who have the experience and training needed to properly care for your loved one. Our caregivers develop a relationship with your loved one that promotes effective and empathic communication with the belief of “doing with is more important than doing for”. At Helping Hand, we know the importance of having an on-going relationship with the same caregiver(s) and do not limit our caregivers’ work hours or charge overtime.

The challenges of living with Dementia change over time and therefore, the care plan must be modified to meet the continual changing needs of your loved one. Our caregivers communicate status updates of your loved one with our nurses through a dedicated phone line and a specialized mobile application. The collection and dissemination of this ever-changing information is essential to maintaining the highest quality of care.

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"My wife’s caregiver from Helping Hand Nursing Services is a very warm person and she doesn’t have to say anything; she is just interested in what she does and she cares about my wife. My wife’s caregiver has a good sense of humor and does her work, which really helps us."

Clare Mary

"The caregivers are very sweet and caring. They never lose their composure. They’re also very gentle. The caregiver does all the physical work that I can’t do because of my age and they take care of my loved one’s needs. The caregivers feed Sergio because he needs help with that. They also help wash his clothes for him."


"The caregivers talk to William, and they play music for him. He can’t talk or walk, but they do good with him. I can tell that they care about him."


"Our caregivers from Helping Hand Nursing Services are very good with my mother, they love her and hold her hands, and they kiss her goodbye."



Our Caregivers

A rigorous screening process and personal interviews assures that all caregivers have integrity, experience and meet all of our agency’s highest ethical standards.


Our RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, and HHA’s are extensively trained, experienced, and matched to your preference.


Our caregivers are always there when you need a helping hand.


Our caregivers are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

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