Family Caregivers Often Face Unique Challenges

As a family caregiver, you’ve probably experienced some of the unique challenges that come from caring for a parent. Those challenges can often lead to caregiver burnout. If you have young children at home, there are times you have to pick between your child’s sports game or your mom’s care needs. Your dad wants you to take him to his friend’s house, but you planned to do the laundry.

Caregiver Bartow FL - Family Caregivers Often Face Unique Challenges

Caregiver Bartow FL – Family Caregivers Often Face Unique Challenges

Those are just two examples of common challenges. There are also unique ones. Your mom has Alzheimer’s and insists her neighbor stole her dog. She keeps calling 911. You don’t want to take her phone away, but you’re facing fines if she doesn’t stop. Your dad pushed you down while trying to get away from you. You broke your wrist when falling and won’t be able to use that wrist for weeks.

Caring for a parent is filled with joyous moments and some truly aggravating ones. You’re ready to call it quits because you’re so frustrated. What can you do to keep your frustrations from spilling out into your daily routine?

It’s Time for a Family Meeting

When frustrations are mounting, it’s time to gather your siblings and other close family members to talk about areassigning tasks. You are likely doing too much. It could also be that your stress is noticeable and your parents are feeding off that stress. If you take a break and come back relaxed and recharged, your parents’ attitudes may also change.

If your dad is getting aggressive when it’s time to bathe or get dressed, someone stronger and able to withstand being pushed should step in and take that chore over. If your mom suddenly refuses anything you try to feed her, it may be time to step aside and let someone else cook her meals.

Take a list of all of the chores you do each day and reassign them. If no one is willing to help out, ask a social worker to give an impartial opinion on what could change. Your family needs to be reminded that if your health is impacted by the stress, everyone would have to rush to figure out a new plan for your parents’ care needs. It’s less stressful to rearrange caregiving assignments than to have to rush to create a brand new plan.

Don’t Ignore Respite Care Services

When you decide to provide the care your parents’ need, make sure you’re not forgetting about your own needs. Respite care helps. Instead of spending all day, every day caring for your parents, you hire trained caregivers to cover for you while you go out with friends, have time to yourself, or focus on quality time with your children. Call now us to discuss respite care services from caregivers near you.

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