4 Reasons to Hire Elderly Care Through an Agency

If you’ve been thinking about hiring elderly care for an older family member, you’re probably aware that you have a couple of options. You could place an ad and hire an individual for the job. Or, you could contact an elderly care agency. Both are valid options. You probably know that hiring an individual is sometimes less expensive than using an agency.

Elderly Care Haines City FL - 4 Reasons to Hire Elderly Care Through an Agency

Elderly Care Haines City FL – 4 Reasons to Hire Elderly Care Through an Agency

There are several reasons to use an agency that make it well worth spending a little extra money, such as the 4 below.

#1: Using an Elderly Care Agency Saves Time

When you hire an individual, you are responsible for all the steps involved in finding the right person. You’ll have to write and post an ad. Then, you’ll need to interview the candidates, but only after you’ve spent time deciding which questions you need to ask. Once you’ve decided who to hire, you’ll want to conduct a background check to make sure you’ve chosen a trustworthy individual.

Using an agency means all of that work is already done for you. The agency screens and hires experienced staff that you can trust with the safety of your aging relative.

#2: Your Finances are Simpler

Having an individual provide elderly care means that you have to pay that person directly. That may not sound very difficult, but it means that you’ll need to calculate how much you owe them each week. It can also complicate your taxes because it makes you an employer responsible for paying taxes associated with employees.

An agency takes care of all the paperwork associated with payroll and employment taxes. All you have to do is make payment to the agency according to the agreed upon terms.

#3: You Won’t Get Stuck Without Care

Individuals get sick sometimes or need time off work for vacations or appointments. That means you’ll have to figure out who is going to care for the older adult on those days. Sometimes, such as in the case of illness, you’ll have to make those arrangements on short notice or take time off work to care for the person yourself.

When an employee of an elderly care agency gets sick or takes time off, the agency will send another staff member for the time scheduled with your loved one.

#4: You Won’t Have to Start Over

Consider what happens when an individual hired to care for your older family member decides to quit or doesn’t work out. You’ll have to start the entire hiring process over again—posting another ad, interviewing more people, and so on.

With an agency, if the staff member assigned to your aging relative quits, the agency will simply assign someone else. This is also true if a staff member just isn’t a good fit for the older adult.

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