Shopping can sometimes be difficult for your elderly family member to do, especially with mobility issues. On top of the difficulty, it might not be as safe as you’d like.

These suggestions can help.

Home Care Plant City FL - Five Ways to Make Shopping Safe and Easy for Your Senior

Home Care Plant City FL – Five Ways to Make Shopping Safe and Easy for Your Senior

Frequent Smaller Mom and Pop Establishments

If there are smaller, local grocery stores, pharmacies, and other types of shops in your area, it’s a good idea to encourage your senior to shop there. First of all, it helps local smaller businesses. But there are lots of other reasons, too. Smaller businesses may be easier for your senior to navigate and the parking lot may not be as big, making it easier for her to get in. People who own and operate these smaller businesses also often make the effort to get to know their customers and their needs, which can be a huge win for your elderly family member.

Always Use a Shopping Cart

Any time there are shopping carts available encourage your senior to use them. They allow her hands to remain free, even if she’s only getting one or two items. The other reason to make it a habit to grab a cart is that it can stabilize your senior as she walks around the store. This is especially helpful if your senior is resistant to using assistive devices regularly.

Limit Adventures Per Outing

Your elderly family member might have a lengthy list of errands she wants to tackle when she goes out. When she was younger, she might have even had one day devoted to errands. Now that can be an exhausting way to get things done. It might be better for her to limit her errands and stops to only a few each outing for safety and convenience.

Consider Home Delivery

Home delivery has gotten more and more popular over the last few years. It might be just the right option for your senior, in fact. Lots of stores either offer delivery themselves, even smaller stores, or they partner with delivery services. It’s worth investigating, especially if your senior has a really difficult time getting out and about.

Enlist Some Help

Even though you might want to be there with your senior, that may not always be possible. Hiring home care providers is an excellent way to make sure that your elderly family member has the help that she needs when she ventures out. Home care providers can also handle the driving for her, ensuring she’s as safe as possible.

As long as your elderly family member wants to be out and about running errands, those occasions need to be safe ones for her. Look for other ways to meet your senior’s unique needs without keeping her locked down more than she really needs to be.

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