Hearing loss can cause all kinds of problems for an older adult. It can make it difficult to participate in conversations. The senior may also have trouble hearing on the telephone. Hearing loss can make them withdraw from activities involving other people because they have trouble following conversations or worry about being embarrassed by mistaking something that is said. While these are all serious issues, even more troublesome is rising amounts of evidence that links hearing loss to problems with memory.

Senior Care Auburndale FL - Hearing Loss and Memory Loss May Be Linked

Senior Care Auburndale FL – Hearing Loss and Memory Loss May Be Linked

Hearing Loss May Affect Memory

A study published in a journal called Geriatrics and Gerontology International indicates that people who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to have fewer social connections, experience more emotional distress, and have more memory loss. The study looked at data collected from a survey that almost 140,000 people aged 65 and older responded to.

The results of the study showed:

  • 9 percent of respondents said they had hearing loss. Of them, 37.7 reported having memory problems.
  • Of the remaining participants who did not indicate they had hearing loss, only 5.2 indicated they were experiencing memory issues.
  • 28.9 percent of people who had hearing loss spent less time engaged in outside social connections.
  • Only 9.5 percent of people without hearing loss have limited social activity.
  • 39.7 percent of those with hearing loss reported psychological problems, like anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • 19.3 percent of people without hearing loss had psychological problems.

The results of the study strengthen results from other studies that show hearing loss can impact memory. In addition, experts believe that lack of social interaction, such as that associated with hearing loss, contributes to memory loss.

Signs of Memory Loss and Dementia

If your aging relative has hearing loss, it’s important to know the signs of memory loss in case your older family member is affected by it. Some common symptoms of memory loss are:

  • The older adult asks the same question over and over.
  • Forgetting words while speaking.
  • Taking a longer time to accomplish common tasks, like cooking from a recipe.
  • Losing items, such as by putting them in appropriate places. Like putting eyeglasses in the refrigerator.
  • Getting lost while walking or driving in familiar places.
  • Mood and behavioral changes.
  • Using the wrong words when talking, like saying “bed” for “table.”

Senior care can assist older adults with memory loss. A senior care provider can make certain the older adult stays safe when family members are not around to keep an eye on them. Senior care providers can also assist them with tasks that memory loss may make difficult, such as cooking healthy meals or completing household chores. In addition, a senior care provider can also offer comfort and support when the older adult is feeling confused, which can reduce stress and anxiety.

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